Back To School Mini-Sessions

Back to School mini-Sessions!


A few Q & A’s about our Back to School mini-Sessions:

1.  How long are the sessions?

Back to School mini-Sessions are up to 10 minutes long.  You will take images inside our studio and also directly outside our studio, weather permitting.

2.  Can you have more then one child in a session?

Yes!  But their can not be any images with more then one child in the image.  So you can bring your son and daughter to one mini-session, but they can not be in any images together.  You would give 3 photos to your son and three photos to your daughter…or 5 of one child and 1 of another…if you like one better…but that might look bad in years to come…haha.  😉

3.  Can I have one picture with both of my kids together in the picture?

No.  Please refer to #2.  🙂

4.  When will I receive my images and FREE SHEET?

You will receive your images within 24 hours!  From your online downloadable Daisy Tree Gallery you will be able to pick your favorite image for your free 8X10!  You will receive your free print coupon code with your emailed Daisy Tree Gallery.

5.  Can I book 3 sessions in a row for my three kids?

Yes!  Right now, we have plenty of space available to book sessions right after each other.

6.  How will my school get their $1.00 donation?

At the end of all the mini-sessions we will ask you what school you would like your $1.00 donated to.  We will post the grand totals on Facebook when mini-sessions close on August 30th!

7.  Is Daisy Tree the best!?

Come see for yourself!  We promise you will not be disappointed in your Back to School mini-Session!


We can’t wait to see you!


Daisy Tree


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