Fall mini-Sessions at Petersen Family Farm

Fall mini-Sessions with Daisy Tree

@ Petersen Family Farm in Riverton, Utah

We are so excited about our new Fall mini-Sessions at Petersen Family Farm!  Here are a few FAQ’s for booking your mini-Session with Daisy Tree Photography!


  1. Where do I book?  www.daisytree.com Click on the Book Session tab, and then scroll down to Mini-Session!
  2. How much are they?  $30.00, 6 images, online downloadable gallery.
  3. Can I have more then 1 person in the mini-Session?  Yes!  The session is limited to 10 minutes and/or 6 images!  So if you bring your 25 cousins to be in the picture…it might take us 10 minutes to pose that one picture, so that would be all you would get, but it would be CUTE!  🙂
  4. If you don’t get 6 images in 10 minutes can you keep shooting until you get my 6 images?  No, we have to stay right on time with each session.  We try to be fair to all our customers!  So if your child is crying or you are late, we will have to take that time out of your session.  BUT, crying pictures are cute!  Embrace it!  You will get some great laughs about it one day. 🙂
  5. Where are your mini-Sessions located?  Petersen Family Farm is located at 11887 S 4000 West.  Go to the NORTH SIDE of the CORN STALKS!

Daisytree-27 Daisytree-1 Daisytree-2 Daisytree-4 Daisytree-3 Daisytree-5 Daisytree-6 Daisytree-8 Daisytree-7 Daisytree-9 Daisytree-11Daisytree-12 Daisytree-13 Daisytree-14 Daisytree-16 Daisytree-15 Daisytree-18 Daisytree-17 Daisytree-19 Daisytree-20 Daisytree-22 Daisytree-21 Daisytree-24 Daisytree-23 Daisytree-25 Daisytree-26

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